FYF:Work Your Bad Habit

Twitter Bird holding a "follow me" sign

Hello, my name is ______, and I spend waaaaay too much time on Facebook, Twitter, or some other social media/networking site. Don't be ashamed, you're in good company. According to Nielsen, the world now spends over 110 billion minutes on social networking and blog sites. I too have been guilty of losing a lot of precious time perusing the pics of family and friends, and uploading a ton of my own. If you happen to not be an internet information-overload talk to folks around the world in 30 seconds junkie, return immediately to the homepage because this is not for you. But if you think you might belong in my particular addict support group then keep reading. Our addiction has some redeeming value.

Much has been written about the power of social media, particularly from a business perspective. Books like Twitter Power and FaceBook Marketing: An Hour a Day promise to deliver the holy grail of using social media and networking to build your business. I've even seen businesses host workshops for $60-$100 per person, demonstrating how social media and networking can grow your business. I jumped on that bandwagon for about five minutes (the books not the workshops) and quickly became overwhelmed by the plethora of information out there on social media marketing strategy.

In the end, I decided to employ the use of good old-fashion common sense. I simply decided to put my bad habit to good use and do what I always do, but with my business in mind. Since I spent so much time online anyway (FaceBook and Twitter are my drugs of choice), I decided to talk more about the projects I was working on. Instead of just tweeting about what's for dinner, I started tweeting about long nights working on a Word for Sunday and KerygmaWord's other involvements. Eventually my FB friends began asking me where I was speaking next and what I was working on. When my KerygmaWord FB fan pan page went up, many of my friends became fans and recommended my page to their friends.

I also found that this has worked well for Empire. Husband not only shares information about specials, but he also talks about the challenges of the day and shares useful information he finds related to caring for your car. Not only has he acquired new customers this way, but he has also been able to establish meaningful relationships with other businesses. So the next time you are about to reach for your iphone or blackberry to update your status, consider spreading the word about what you're working on. You never know what kind of interest in your project, business, or dreams you may generate.

Not long after I first penned this post, I ran into a friend who is a patent attorney and owns a successful law firm. She was beaming with excitement because she'd just been featured on Black Enterprise's website as an expert for their Investor Insider segment. You won't believe how they found her...... Twitter!