What To Do With Your 'To-Do' List

After several days of being snowed in this week, I forced myself back into my office to face some of the long overdue tasks on my 'to-do' list hanging behind my desk. As I perused the list that had been left untouched for days, it occurred to me that not only did I not feel like doing anything on the list, but it also didn't reflect any of the things I had accomplished. This observation made me question the efficacy of 'to-do' lists, or at least my 'to-do' lists.Now anyone who knows me knows that I am a taskmaster. I depend on lists to keep me moving forward and to help me stay organized. Words cannot express the pride my perfectionist spirit feels as I glare at a worked over list that finally has everything checked off as completed. In spite of my continual desire to feed that frenzy, as of late I have been examining urgency versus importance and I have concluded that my list tend to be filled with the urgent and not enough of the important. Lists have a way of doing that, keeping you locked into the mundane things that urgently need to be done but not necessarily pointing you toward the completion of the mini-accomplishments that will get you closer to your life goals. Looking at my list and recognizing that those things still need to get done, I have decided to employ something new in the KW office. Alongside my 'to-do' list now hangs an 'unplanned brilliance' list. This list reflects the things that I completed unexpectedly, and the projects that I wasn't planning for but on a whim started and followed through to completion. This new list includes KW posts that suddenly found their way onto the site, sermon meditations that suddenly sprang up in my spirit, and the unexpected ways I may have done something to make my husband happy. The perfectionist in me still takes pride in those completed 'to-do' list, but the essence of who I truly am comes alive every time I look at my new list because it hearkens to something infinitely more important...my purpose.