Signs of the Season

We are halfway through the month of March already. My goodness how time flies! It feels like only yesterday I was challenging all of us to make the shift into purpose and get a jump on the new season. Just as I predicted, the weather slowly began to warm up, shifting in and out of spring-like temperatures. I don't know about you, but those sunny 60 degree weather days we experienced here in the northeast had me a bit nervous. They were an obvious reminder that I am not quite where I want to be when it's time to meet the spring season. Despite my own admonition, I have found myself with many of my first quarter goals for 2010 undone. Maybe where you live the change in season isn't marked by such clearly defined weather patterns, but I'm certain that something in the atmosphere is reminding you that it's a new season. Those warm weather days showed me that I was ill-prepared for a new season. I was still dressing in the darker drab colors of winter and I kept finding myself too hot or too cold because I haven't found a suitable spring jacket, instead opting to choose between a winter coat or no coat at all. After two days or so of this, the weather returned to its cold rainy pattern. While most people were disappointed, I'm glad that the weather  has mercifully given me a glimpse of what is to come and given me to get ready. It has forced a change in mindset that will allow me to be fully ready when spring finally does arrive to stay.

What are  the signs in your life that your season is about to change? Are you fully prepared to meet those changes? The good thing about signs is that they keep coming so that you won't miss it. These signs help us to make the necessary adjustments in our lives so that we can be who we need to be for where we find ourselves. During these last few rainy days after the warm weather disappeared, I ordered a cute pair of sandals I found online. Why? Because as a taller fashionista I was taught by my mother to always buy shoes when you see them in your size! I'm making the necessary adjustments now so that warm weather doesn't find me in closed-toe shoes. I want to fully participate in spring...even with my shoes ;-).

The hint of spring also brought with it a few speaking engagements and exposure for KerygmaWord I had not previously experienced. The busy schedule, the objectives I set for each engagement, and the needs of each audience helped to show me ways I could be more efficient in preparation and that I could use some help in the form of an assistant. I'm so glad I learned those lessons before I shifted into a full time busy season. The seasons are changing and the signs are making us aware. Don't miss them because whether we like it or not, life is ready to move forward with or without us. Will you be ready for your season?