FYF: Time to Move

SpeedometerWill all of the procastinators in the audience please stand. Don't be ashamed, stand where I can see you. Here is good news... you're in good company! If we were in the same room right now, I'd be standing right next to you because I do believe I am the grand procrastinator of them all. But let me take a moment to address those of you who are in denial- the ones who feel you like to analyze a situation and get all the facts and details. Bad news for you, that is still procrastination. Let me share something that is difficult to admit. In the time that it took me to conceive of KerygmaWord and bring it into being, Husband conceived of Empire, incorporated the business, hired employees, purchased two vans, and grew the business enough to financially support our household. I was stilll working on setting up the KW website. I was afraid to move forward without knowing exactly what KW would be, who would write, if I would include my ministry and business on the site, if so how, how many people would read, how would I drive traffic... the list goes on and on. The truth is that I really thought I was doing something until I came across this quote from the late Deitrich Bonhoeffer (theologian):

"Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility."

ladder to the skyWhat I now realize is that we spend a lot of the thinking things through because we are afraid to take responsibility for our own success or failure. So many of us say that we believe we have something more on the inside of us- more gifts, more talents, more ideas for businesses or organizations- but we don't make any substantive moves to make these things come into fruition. We spend way too much time "doing research" and hoping that one day what we've been dreaming of will happen. We don't incorporate our businesses because we want to make sure we "have all the information". We don't share our ideas or reach out to those who can help us move forward because we might actually have to move forward. I am all for being informed, but if we are not careful our dreams and passions end up becoming a collection of articles, bookmarked websites, and other resources that we never use to develop our ideas. And if we wait too long, we can talk ourselves right out of the very thing we were put here on this earth to accomplish.

I was prepared to share with you a list of ways to move out of a "research" state and move into action, but the truth is that you already know what you need to to do move forward. I personally do not want to find myself having the same conversations in 2011 that I had in 2010 about things I want to accomplish. In 2011, I want all of us to be able to talk about what we've already done and how we are moving forward. It's your move!