FYF: Down Days

watching tv remote in hand These are the days I like the least, these quiet days when nothing seems to be happening. There are no speaking engagements, no meetings, no conference calls. All that exists is the quietness of being alone with yourself (and I don't mean in that deep, self-reflective sort of way either).

Most of the time, I love what I do. I love preaching, teaching, and facilitating workshops. I love when I have the chance to travel as a result of doing these things. I love teaching undergraduate courses like the one I'll be teaching this fall semester for University of Maryland University College. Most of all I love seeking out useful information and finding creative ways to share it with you.

Unfortunately today was not a day for any of that stuff. Today was one of those loathsome quiet days. On this particular day it was way too hot (100 degrees to be exact) to even leave the house! Instead of cute hair, fly shoes, and a chic outfit, my haute couture consisted of a shrunken tee and stretched out sweats accompanied by my hair tied back in a scarf. Yes I know, too sexy!

What I dislike most about these down days is that these are the days when you don't actually get to see any forward movement on the things you have in play. In actuality these are probably some of the most important days because on these days, you can lay the groundwork for the things you'd like to see happen. On the surface, my day looked like I never got dressed, fooled around on the computer all day, and did some laundry. What I really did was to put my masters in communication to use by reading a few studies on online human behavior and look for more effective ways to build our KW community. I also spent time creating our company email template and reaching out to our newly created KW Contributing Writers' Network. I even found a way to look at my laundry differently when it occurred to me that I must always be prepared to accept a speaking engagement or new project at a moment's notice. I can't do that if my house is not in order or cannot spare my attention for a few days.

I still hate down days. I find them boring, uneventful, and uninspiring. Yet they are totally necessary. In a future post, I'll talk about how these days give you the time and space to plant seeds of opportunity, and begin creating a bigger vision. I'm just glad I don't have to get dressed up for them!

What do you do on your down days?