FYF: Five Things to Do On Your Down Days

To do list and computer Not too long ago I talked about the lull of activity resulting in down days, and how they are totally necessary albeit frustrating. Well today I want to talk about several things you could do on your down days to better position you for the days when opportunity might be beating down your door (and you actually decide to answer).

5 Things to Do on Your Down Days:

Do Your Laundry- Something as mundane as laundry can help to effectively position you for the time your day is unexpectedly filled with excitement and opportunity. I know you're probably thinking that you already do your laundry, but many of us tend to perpetually do a load here and there. It always seems that when I have an important meeting or event, some key piece of my wardrobe is....... you guessed it, in the bottom of the laundry basket. A down day is a good day to do ALL of your laundry so that you can continue to perpetually run small loads from a small pile rather than a huge mound. Not to mention, doing your all of your laundry at once gives you the opportunity to inventory and organize what you have while tossing out what you no longer need.

Basic Personal Maintenance- This may not apply to you high-maintenance ladies who find time every Saturday morning for a mani and a pedi, but if your like me time is a luxury you can't afford to spend in anybody's salon. Similar to my laundry, I'm always scrambling at the last minute to get my nails manicured when a last minute invitation arises. (Thankfully I have learned to master my own hair!) This is bad, bad, bad. In fact, in a future post I will talk about being ready to face the day every day. For today, I will simply suggest that down days are a good day to squeeze in a visit to the hair or nail salon, or even to the make-up counter to restock your cosmetic goodie bag. I don't know about you, but I want to be a sister with style and substance. There's nothing like making your polished appearance look effortless to frame the gifts you present to the world.

Organize or Create Your Dedicated Workspace- It's amazing to me how many of us think so little of our dreams that we don't even carve out a space of our own in our homes to pursue them. Even those of us who live alone don't always take the time to hang pictures and affirmations, or lay out our resources in a place where they will be continually before us. Others of us are working in chaos. We have let busy days and obligations overrun our workspaces with piles of clutter. Down days are good days to organize ourselves by claiming and organizing our workspaces. Hang some pictures, images that will inspire you towards your goals. Set up a dry erase board or large post-it sheets so that you can keep dream-specific to-do lists visible. An organized workspace will drawn you in and motivate you even when the busyness of life returns.

Work Your Vision- Organizing and looking your best serve no purpose if you don't at some point take the leap and begin working toward the fulfillment of your vision. Yes I know you have a full-time job, a husband, kids, and/or a dog. But at some point they will all have pursued their goals (incuding the dog) and you will be left wishing you had done the same. Down days are great days to spend the day on the internet doing some research or reaching out to other people who may be able to help you. This might also be a very good time to find seek out inexpensive tools to create, clean up, or tweak your website. Take some time to devise a plan that encompasses all of these action steps. You make not stick to the plan exactly, but at least you will have a place to start.

Call an Old Friend- So your laundry is already done and you wouldn't be caught dead without a fresh mani-pedi, yet you're not quite ready to commit to your vision with a plan and a dedicated workspace. You can always use your down day to call an old friend. There is something about chatting with an old friend, someone who knows you well but you haven't talked to in some time, that realigns your perspective. Somehow in the midst of catching up, you inevitably end up discussing what you are "doing". Having to explain in detail your goals and objectives helps to clarify them in your mind, and hearing the great things others are pursuing can be motivating if you can get past your own insecurities. If by chance you find your old friend stuck with no momentum, you just may inspire them. At the very least you will be motivated to make sure that doesn't become you!