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gallery in GeorgetownDid I ever mention that when I was in college I never imagined I'd be permanently living outside of New York? Well it's true. Husband and I originally had a five year plan for moving back to NY. Early on I naturally assumed that I would move back to Long Island, commuting to Manhattan for work like the rest of my family until I could actually afford to live in the city (and I mean Manhattan, not Brooklyn or Queens). Once Husband came into the picture our living options expanded to Westchester or New Jersey, but all roads led to Manhattan for work and play in our minds. Well then we got married, started living well and making a life, and ...well you get the picture.

Last week I asked Husband, who is now Mr. Modern Suburbia, if he ever missed living in the city at all. Of course he said no, and I couldn't help but to be noticeably frustrated by his answer. As I sat on the front step watching my "Bronx born and bred" husband sweeping wood chips back into our garden in front of our over-sized cookie-cutter typically suburban home, he sensed my dissatisfaction with his answer. I just didn't get it. For months I'd been trying to figure out what's missing from my life. Turns out it's a lot of things, not the least of which is a daily dose of city life. It only occurred to me when I noticed I kept gravitating toward movies set in Manhattan. I always knew I'd live in the suburbs because I like having a driveway and I hate traffic. I just assumed that city life would always be available to me in large doses and greatly influence my lifestyle. Not so these days, which is part of why my life has been less than satisfying.

Thanks to Fox 5 and a story about an open air market in Georgetown, I discovered a way to infuse just a tiny bit of what I love back into my life. This morning I dragged Husband into Georgetown and insisted that he put those NYC driving skills to work. Even he had to admit he was proud he still had it ;-). It was there that I fell in love, not with just one lover but with many! There names are Dolcezza, Patisserie Poupon, ...well there are just too many to name. Oh and let's not forget the the beautiful city parks and old churches nestled among the various shops and cafes. Between the gelato bursting with fresh fruit flavor, the dulce de leche churros, and the spicy merguez sausage, all set against a Villiage-esque backdrop, Husband nearly had to drag me out of Georgetown. Despite the light rain and dreariness of the day, I was so happy to add just a drop of what I've been thirsting for back into my existence. Although Husband had to admit that the environment made him feel alive too, I know he could enjoy the experience only because he knew he'd be returning to his suburban home. As we were leaving I looked at a row of brownstones said, "I wonder if someone would rent me their house for like a week?" and Husband quickly responded, "You'd be here by yourself, and me and Rowdy would be waiting at home!"

When I begin to lose perspective on the suburban lifestyle I've been blessed to live, I simply watch this video and listen to the words of Stephen Colbert. This is funny, funny stuff!

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