Sweet Dreams

gelatoSo yesterday when I was supposed to be prepping to preach and lead worship up in Monkton MD in my pastor friend's absence, I got a little restless and instead and opted to head down to Bethesda Row. I picked up my mentee (who I knew probably needed to get off of the couch as badly as I did) and stole just a couple of hours eating way too much sugar and getting lost in my city-girl daydream. I have mentioned on more than one occasion that I often grow tired of living in the suburbs, so sometimes I head to a pseudo-urban area with lots of activity to daydream. One of such places that I frequent is Bethesda Row because of all of the restaurants, courtyards, and shops. I must admit that Georgetown Cupcake and Dolcezza are the reason I am particularly drawn to this area, as well as the fact that it is easy to get to. bethesdarow

I love coming down here and sitting outdoors, eating my Dolcezza gelato and being a part of the flurry of activity that goes on. This last time I paid attention to the Le Creuset store for the first time only to notice that they have a sale going on. I just love Bethesda Row because it feeds the part of me that's missing out on city life without me having to actually pick up and move to the city. Although I hang out down here periodically, it had been some time. I really think that this is about to be a part of my Saturday morning routine.