Divine Image

staceyheadshotStacey Richards, owner of Che La Vie Image Consultants and consultant for Design Essentials Salon Systems, shares in her own words about her motivation for starting her business and her inspiration as she looks ahead to a new phase for her business. Being in business for yourself is a wonderful experience.  Although, it requires a lot of work, long hours, patience and dedication, the success of the business speaks for it all.  It’s like giving birth to a baby, you get to watch it grow and for every year, your excitement expands because your vision has life.  At the age of 19, I decided to drop out of college after 2 years.  I really did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to own a business.  Meanwhile, I was braiding hair at home, creating styles on my hair as well as for friends, and I taught myself how to do nails.  One year later, I went on to cosmetology school.  I have now been in the cosmetology industry for 18 years. I am also an educator and consultant for one of the top hair product companies, Design Essentials Salon Systems.  I have been with the company for 10 years and I’ve traveled all over the country sharing my knowledge and expertise with licensed cosmetologists and cosmetology students.  This experience has afforded me the opportunity to spend more time with my daughter.

In 2002, ten months after I moved to Maryland, I became a business owner.  This was all God’s plan!  I stepped out on faith generating business off a cold market.  My biggest motivation was my daughter.  Being a single mother is challenging, however, I could not let that be an excuse.  I humbled myself and put a lot of trust in God to guide my every step.  One thing that I’ve learned about being in business and being a single mother is they both require leadership.  The role of a leader is to reach back and pull someone up and every time you do that, you move up.  I took that concept and applied it to home.  Before I could excel in business, I had to make sure my daughter excelled.  The more she became a successful young lady, the more I became a successful business woman.  She is my motivation!

As I am writing, the spirit revealed to me something so powerful.  My daughter will be graduating from high school in the year 2010, my business will be 8 years old.  Look at God, 8 is the number of new beginnings.  A new life for my daughter will begin in 2010 and my new business will begin in 2010.  The new project is The Signature Look Salon and Spa (www.thesignaturelooksalonandspa.com).

To those who desire to become a business owner, it is best to connect with someone who is successful in business and grab all the nuggets you can to become successful.  Be quick to hear (so you can learn) and slow to speak (or you will fail).  My motto: Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.  I continue to be encouraged by Isaiah 43:18 – 19: Forget the former things and do not dwell on the past, see I am doing a new thing.