Bringing Joy to the World

A few days before Christmas, the faces of many children brimmed with excitement as they were handed brightly decorated gifts for Christmas. For the parents of these children, many of whom would have otherwise not been able to buy Christmas gifts, this was a wonderful blessing. As a result of this holiday miracle sponsored in part by Mt. Joy African Methodist Episcopal Church, over 200 hundred families were provided with gifts, dinner, and fellowship. This worship experience included a children’s choir, the preached Word, and the opportunity to talk and fellowship with church members. According to the Reverend Rae-Lynn Kingeter, the pastor of this growing congregation in upper Baltimore County Maryland, this event was designed to be a blessing to the children of incarcerated parents and the underprivileged in the greater Baltimore area. This is only one of many ways that Pastor Kingeter hopes to lead the Mount Joy family in impacting the community and demonstrating the message of the gospel. Pastor Kingeter, who was just recently appointed to serve this congregation, has a vision for ministry and outreach that is intended to improve the lives of its community’s residents. The vision for 2010 includes the launch of Adam’s House, a substance abuse group led by a board certified, licensed, and trained addictions counselor, as well as an upcoming Health Awareness month with a focus on physical, mental, and spiritual health. Like many other congregations, the Mount Joy was moved to action by the earthquake in Haiti. Understanding that Haiti will not only need immediate help, but help in the months to come, was the catalyst for the forthcoming initiative called Pass the Baton. The hope is to send shipping batons (mailing tubes) with much needed  personal supplies and hygiene items. As expressed in Mount Joy’s 2010 theme- Always Moving Forward- this congregation is determined to move forward in Christ, improving the lives of their brothers and sisters as they do.