Tucker: My New Love

While looking for some style inspiration for my upcoming trip to the Carribbean, I landed on Kelly Ripa's fashion finder page. I've always loved the way they dress her on "Live" and since she's close to my age, I think she's a great example for me of what it means to be chic, sexy, and sophisticated. I came across a clip of Kelly Ripa wearing a gorgeous pink dress and I immediately fell in love. The designer label? Tucker by Gaby Basora. As it turns out, all of the dresses from this designer, Gaby Basora, are lovely and evolve from a peasant style blouse she once made for herself and friends. Her story is quite inspirational and made me like the clothes even more.

Now I don't know if I've mentioned it yet on here that I have an intense love for Diane von Furstenberg (another inspirational style maven) and her infamous wrap dresses. I have spent countless hours scouring the racks at Neiman's Last Call, the Saks outlet, and online looking for deals on wrap dresses, and I must say that I have amassed a pretty decent collection. As a label snob I understand investing in quality clothing, but a frugal fashionista never pays full price. Her classic designs and vintage prints wear beautifully from year to year. Well I must say that "The Dress" a classic Tucker staple, falls in the same category. The prints are that vintage looking ugly yet pretty style of print (if you know what I mean) that makes a woman look sophisticated and stylish. I assumed it would be a tremendous challenge to get my hands on a dress for significantly less than the retail price (which is about $400-$500) and it is! I did however find "The Dress" in a cute purple print on sale at Piperlime.com for a little over $200. Certainly not as inexpensive as the $100 DVF wrap dress I copped in a vintage print, but definitely worth a second look for this gorgeous silk dress.  If I get lucky at one of my high-end discount hot spots, Tucker and I may just become close friends.