Time & Effort

Hey Curly Divas,Today marks 12 weeks since I went completely natural, and what I've discovered is that it takes a lot of work to be a natural diva. I'm happy to be relaxer-free and excited about all of the new growth (inside and out), but wearing natural hair takes a lot of time and effort. I'm not referring to the time it takes to wash and maintain natural hair. I 'm not talking about the long periods under the dryer, deep conditioning my locs so they will be strong. I'm not talking about the time I sit with KBB hair mask on so that my coils will be soft to the touch. I am not even talking about the hour it takes me to detangle and twist my hair now that it has become a little longer than it was my first week of being natural. Aside from all of these things, there's an aspect of the time and effort it takes to be natural that hair blogs don't really speak of- chasing down products.

I so wanted this post to be like many others on so many other hair blogs- I wanted it to be about hair products. I wanted to lend my voice to the ongoing evaluation of the newest find in haircare. My product of choice was to be the new KeraCare line for natural curlies. I used KeraCare as a relaxed chick so I wanted to weigh in on the other side. The problem is that I couldn't get my hands on the products! At least I couldn't do so in the time frame that I would have liked.
I am thankful for the advent of the internet, but when did things become such that everything I even think about adding to my hair routine must be ordered online??? I am a "buy it in-store" kind of girl and when I decide I want to try something, I don't like to wait. I have not yet wrapped my brain around having to wait for hair products. To me that's like waiting for deodorant or toothpaste to be sent to your home. Why should I have to pay shipping and handling to comb my hair? Now I understand having to order from stores like KBB or Qhemet Biologics because maybe they have not yet achieved the same level of distribution as the larger companies. (Not to mention I usually get my KBB stuff the very next day.) However when I can go to Wal-Mart and find KeraCare's regular line on the shelves, I expect to see the natural line available too. The curly sistas can't get no love??? Those "stores" that do actually carry products for natural hair (mostly organic food stores) always seem to be situated on tiny streets in parts of DC I wouldn't regularly travel through. Even the salons who carry the products don't always keep up their stock. I was totally pissed when I stopped by the one nearby hair salon that carries Kinky-Curly Knot Today only to find that they were out of stock. It was a full week before I actually got my hands on a bottle and these natural products are so different than regular products that it is hard to improvise when you don't have them.
In the final two months of my transitioning and these past twelve weeks I've been natural, I've spent way too much time driving all over God's green earth and gray asphalt hunting down products. But I guess I will have to learn to wait on new products to arrive in mail and order enough so I don't run out. I tell you what though... if I get the opportunity, I will feel compelled to open natural haircare beauty supply stores all over the place. And guess where they are going- in the suburbs!