The Diva's Got a Birthday Today!

Whassup Divas (and the men who love us that might be reading along)! Well today the New York Diva turns a year older, a tad bit wiser, and hopefully more beautiful than ever. I am so thankful for another year of life and love, but more than anything I am thankful to be growing and becoming more myself. I am happy that I love myself more than I did years ago and I value myself as a divine creation of God (hence the Diva status).

Every year on my birthday I look back at how I have grown and how God has blessed me. Years ago I didn't value myself enough to set boundaries, demand that the people in my life walk worthy of being there, or shake off other people's mess rather than getting pummelled by it. Years ago I would never have been brave enough to cut all my hair off and rock an afro puff lol. But today I'm glad I know what to accept and what to reject, who to pull closer and who to release from life, and what makes my precious locs smile.

I still have insecurities, doubts, and fears- lots of them. I still have haters- quite a few of them too. But today I have the love of God working in my life, the love of great people surrounding me, and the self-love that allows me to freely love all of you..... and my kinky-coily natural curls.