One for My Sister, One for Me

A couple of days ago while killing time in the mall with my good girlfriend, we stopped to look in the window of the Michael Kors store. When I laid eyes upon a beautiful champagne pink bag and it's slightly smaller but identical counterpart that took center stage, the first words out of my mouth were "one for my sister and one for me." My girlfriend chuckled, surprised by how much I sounded like her mother. Later my friend's mom shared memories of her older sister (who recently passed away) and how every time her sister would buy something (clothes, shoes, purses, etc.), she'd also buy her one of the same... one for my sister and one one for me. Her memories reminded me of all the many years growing up that I would inherit the clothes, shoes, and purses that my brother-in-law would buy for my big sister (not to mention the purses she'd supplied me with even as recent as a couple of years ago).

I thought this bag would be perfect for my sister

Well today while running errands in the mall, I was elated to find that the Coach outlet had finally opened. I was so completely overwhelmed by the many purses that were on sale that I even had to call another sister-girlfriend to help me narrow down the choices. While posing in the mirror with the final two contenders, I couldn't help but think to myself "one for my sister and one for me." This was one of those moments I absolutely wish I was independently wealthy because I would love to have bought that purse and sent it to my big sister (not that she needs another purse to add to her enormous collection). Actually it would have been three purses because my niece promptly posted on my facebook wall reminding me not to forget about my favorite niece. So it looks like from now on it will be "one for my sister, one for me, and one for my favorite niece." Don't worry Fav Niece, I'll hook you up as soon as I can ;-).