Notes to My 3 Year Old Self's Mama

This morning when I woke up, I looked in the mirror and thought my hair looks almost exactly how it looks in my 3 year old nursery school pic from 197* (did you really think I'd say what year lol). Back in the day my mom was meticulous about having our hair and clothes on point. My sister and I always laugh about how we were always "coordinated" and how Mommy was good for putting us in turtle necks and plaid shirts.

While Mommy was religious about washing, braiding, and pressing our hair, there are some things I wish we as black folks knew about caring for our hair back then. Here are some of them, and what's unfortunate is that on some things we still don't know any better:

  • Greasing your scalp does not make your hair grow, it just clogs your pores
  • While we might not have to wash our hair every day like our caucasian sisters, we still need to wash our hair at least once a week
  • Hot curling every day will almost guarantee that your hair will get shorter and break off
  • Sponge rollers are a no-no because they dry your hair out and break off your ends
  • Black sisters can grow hair- long hair- even those with "nappy hair" who don't have "good hair"
  • All hair is good hair, just ask someone who doesn't have any