My Big Chop!

This is me the day of my big chop. I might be smiling pretty, but the truth is I was completely terrified. In the moment I took this pic, I was asking myself what I had done. Had I instantly added years to my youthful appearance? Had I completely obliterated my 'it' factor- that thing that made me cute, sexy, attractive, etc.- in one impulsive moment alone with a pair of scissors? Would I ever learn to live with and love my natural hair?

Just in case the answer was no, I immediately put the word out on FaceBook that I was looking for a good weave-ologist! It has been over ten years since I wore someone else's hair on my head, but in that moment I was ready to fully embrace that possibility. Did I mention that I hid in my bathroom for a half hour after I finished cutting because I was too embarrassed to let my hubby see? (Oh yeah, my husband... I'm going to have to deal with him in a different post.) This was an uncertain moment that has led me to many more uncertain moments. This moment was the beginning of my life as a newly natural curly diva!