May Hair Update

It's been two months since I posted anything here about my hair. Admittedly I don't always feel that my natural hair journey is very important, particularly as it relates to my ministry. However I have come to learn that my hair in whatever state has become as much a signature aspect of my style (yes, even in the pulpit) as my four inch heels (and yes I preach in those too). It's amazing how my hair continues to be a topic of conversation for women who come up to me after service. I continue to field messages by phone, email, and facebook about my hair and successfully navigating natural hair care. I suppose it's because I switch between straight and curly quite frequently, and I've successfully grown back all the hair I lost when I did my big chop. Since Good Friday I have been consistently wearing my hair straight rather than in it's natural state. I made the mistake of flat ironing and falling in love with it, so I have yet to go back to curly. I have appreciated seeing this new iteration of my physical appearance as well as the ease with which I am able to keep my hair moisturized. My plan is to continue with this until the heat and humidity takes me under, but so far I've been doing okay. I wear my hair down on Sundays and pulled back for the rest of the week. I believe I am manipulating my hair a lot less than I was when I was having to redo twist-outs and bantu knot-outs every few days. Could it be that I am one of those naturals that happens to thrive on heat styling? I guess we will find out in a couple of months when I compare my growth. In the meantime I am having fun with this straight hair, and apparently others seem to like it too.