In Love...... Again

Hey Curly Divas,

Today marks exactly three months that I've been natural and I think I'm in love..... again. Yes I know this is like the 50th time I've been in love in these few short months I've been completely natural and yes I know I'm quickly becoming a product junkie, but I'm in love. This time the object of my affection is Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter.

Although Carol's Daughter was the line first and most frequently recommended  to me by other curly divas, I've typically had a love/hate relationship with this line. Some of the products are heavenly (like the body butters) while others (like all the body washes) do not agree with me. On too many occasions I found myself headed back to Sephora the day after a purchase to return something that didn't work out for me. So when my curly sistahs recommended CD,  I overlooked it in favor of lines less widely known like Karen's Body Beautiful, Qhemet Biologics, Curlz, and Curls by Sisters Smith (none of which had a lasting impact except KBB). But recently I've been in need of a little more moisture to counteract the change in weather and the protein in my leave-in conditioner (a recipe I found on Kimmaytube), so I decided to try CD's Healthy Hair Butter.
I must go on record as saying that part of the reason I've rejected CD's products in the past is because of the heavy fragrances. The earthy woodsy tones reminded me of the oils and incense street vendors used to sell in NYC (or any hood USA), which I used to stereotypically associate with natural hair (and the weed-smoking, slick-talking dudes back in the day who were always trying to get you to "stay over" as the music played and the incense burned in the background- all images from my college days, ignorant I know). But I'm so glad I tried this product! This hair butter adds real moisture to my curly puff without being greasy. I twisted with this butter after washing my hair and I was quite happy with the results. Are there other products out there that would do the same or better? Probably, but for a newly natural chick like me, the quickest and most accessible solution is the best one.