Haute Couture

So ever since my niece Domestic Chic moved into the area, she's been putting me on to all types of new ways to shop (like I need that at all). It seems that weekly (if not daily) she's emailing me an invite some new flash sale site. Since I am a self-confessed label snob, I've been resistant to her shopaholic advances because I need time to research the designers to make sure they are in fact "high end" and not overpriced wanna-be's. By the time I do all of that, the items I'd have an interest in are long gone. For those of you who are not familiar with these flash sites, they are websites that offer deep deep discounts on designers that normally cost an arm and a leg. The catch is that the sale only goes on for a short amount of time and since they keep a low inventory, the items go fast. Think bluefly.com on a time limit. My contention had been that I'd never heard of most of the designers featured. I've never logged on to see Diane von Furstenberg or Rock & Republic featured on these sites, so I didn't see the value. But that changed yesterday.

Next month Husband and I are Caribbean-bound for our 10 yr anniversary and I have been on the lookout for all of the summery dresses and other gear I will need for my trip. As I was cleaning out my emails yesterday morning, I noticed that HauteLook.com was featuring Rachel Pally. I have wanted a Rachel Pally dress for years, but I happen to be a frugal label snob and I couldn't see paying hundreds of dollars for something so casual. Here was my opportunity to snag a dress at a respectable price.

After much deliberating and nearly losing out, I walked away with the dress you see pictured above, but in chocolate brown. I'm not exactly feeling this pic, but trust me when I tell you that the dress is really nice once you belt it. Haute Look only gives you 15 minutes to make up your mind once you add an item to your shopping cart and I almost lost the dress taking longer. There were quite a few dresses that caught my eye, but they were all gone in my size before I even logged on. You have to move fast on these sites.

And can we talk about the price??? This dress and ones similar to it retail for about $220. I even saw this dress on another site for $148. I was able to get this dress for $88 including shipping! If you were standing in front of me, I'd be be doing a dance right now. Now I recognize that my dress is probably from last season, but do I really care? The point of buying certain labels (for me at least) is their longevity. I talked about buying a cute H&M dress a few days ago. Cute as it is, chances are that this time next year my dress will be in the goodwill bin while my Rachel Pally will still be in regular rotation.

So if you're like me and you love getting a great deal on designer clothes, don't sleep on these flash sale sights. Still do your research, but you may come across some great finds.