Happy New Year... Well Not Really

What's Up Peeps,Happy New Year! Well yes I know I am really late. I took the first month to re-assess and re-align my goals for the year. I also took some time away from constantly experimenting with my hair and trying out a zillion new products. I just decided to stick with what I know and give my hair a break. I tried to stay committed to my regular routine of washing, deep conditioning, twisting overnight, and untwisting. I also have learned to put less focus on my hair and focus more attention my look in a lot of other ways including my personal favs- clothes and shoes.

When I bc'd in August, I just couldn't wait to get to January so that I could have my hair cut and flat-ironed. But by the time I got to January I had learned to love and care for my precious curls, even if I didn't always like the way it looked. Now it's March and I am still debating about exactly when I am going to take stock of all of my hard work and see how much my hair has grown. Part of me is feeling that I don't really need to do that. The mere fact that I have learned to appreciate my natural hair and unlock my beauty from what used to be my shoulder length hair helps me to take stock of what's important and shows me exactly how much I've grown, which is far more important than the length of my curls.