Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my hair is in fact growing. Just last week I sat on Domestic Chic's couch complaining that I though my hair had plateaued. Turns out, it hadn't. On a whim birthed out of sheer frustration, I flat ironed my hair and saw for myself  that in one month my hair had grown noticeably longer. I never would have really realized how much my hair is growing if I hadn't stopped to take a look. I've also noticed over the past month that I am growing spiritually. The other day I heard myself articulating to a friend my decision to reframe a series of negative, hurtful experiences and see them as happening for my good. I've also been more intentional in tasking myself with seeing what I can learn or do differently in every situation. And I've noticed too that once I make a decision to move on from something in my head, I've been able to ask God to heal my emotions so that they will catch up.

It's funny how it's in the incidental unpredictable moments that you actually see that you are growing (physically and spiritually). It may not show up at the times and in the ways we would hope, but we should be happy to know that we really are growing.