After 8 Months, I'm Back Baby!

Today makes exactly 8 months since I stood in the bathroom with the scissors to my dual textured hair. I can hardly believe it because that day I thought I would be bald for eternity and that it would be a lifetime before I felt hair hanging down the back of my neck. This is the reason I kept putting off going to see my hair stylist at Che La Vie Image Consultants. I just couldn't bear the thought of coming out of the salon with a short cut after all these months of transitioning and growing 100% natural hair.

two days after my big chop

Vanity always seems to kick in somehow, and Stacey's pics of the miracle hair makeovers she'd recently done got the best of me. Since I'm preaching Good Friday, I decided I wanted to look like my head shot (or at least close to it) when I did. I got up at the crack of dawn (5:20 am to be exact) in order to keep my 6am appointment with Stacey. That meant I was up and on the highway before the sun! Never in a million years did I expect my hair to turn out like it did.

I usually don't look in the mirror as Stacey is doing my hair, but I caught a glimpse while sitting in the chair with conditioner. When I saw that tight curly afro, I immediately thought I looked like Oprah in her early days of television in Baltimore. In my mind there was no way that this would amount to hair that would hang. But to my surprise, by the time Stacey finished blow-drying I had a head full of hair hanging hair.

Of course since I hadn't been to Stacey in over a year, my ends were more than raggedy so she had to cut off at least an inch (if not more). Those of you who are trying to grow hair know that it can seem like a lot. Truthfully I wasn't upset about it because she left me with quite a bit of length. Equally as surprising was how straight my hair came when she flat ironed it. I probably should take this time to go into why I am not the least bit concerned about heat damage, but truthfully I just don't have the energy. Just know that Stacey knows what she's doing and it is not a concern of mine at all.

Needless to say I'm loving my hair! Today was a gorgeous, warm, and breezy day, and I just let my hair flow in the breeze. I spent a good deal of time sitting outside for a meeting and I was happy to welcome the warm breeze with newly straightened hair. I'm sure in a week's time I will miss my coils and be ready to wash my hair. I must go on record as saying that I have no intentions of flat ironing my hair on a regular basis and absolutely not at home because I don't want to damage my hair. But for now, for today, I am enjoying the little bit of sexy-girl-swag I'm feeling now that I look like the self I know and love. I'm sure these few days of being straight will help me to appreciate my coils all the more when they return.