A Lady Never Tells Her Age

my puff in April at a church event


... Or her weight for that matter, but I digress. A few months ago I decided to wear my hair in a puff only when absolutely necessary after having a conversation at church with another naturalista about escaping the "oversized fifth grader" look. Well today was one of those "absolutely necessary" days because I was not able to let my twists dry all the way before a meeting yesterday, so today I woke up with a head full of undefined frizz. Hair up in a puff and I was on my way out the door to early morning service.

A new part of my ministerial duties at my church happens to be the "meet & greet" we host for first-time guests. I am usually on standby to shake hands, kiss babies, and work the room until the main attraction arrives. This morning as I quietly sat in the corner and listened to a much older woman engage my pastor in conversation, I was slightly amused as she continually made mention to his "young age". However my amusement waned after the second service when it became my turn to be in the hot seat about my "young age". After asking me three times if I was a minister, expressing disbelief, and telling me how "cute" I was, a woman had the audacity to actually ask me how old I am!

Now let me just say that I usually have no issues with answering that question because I recognize that I have been blessed with the kind of good genes that take a good number of years off of my appearance (it's a family trait). In a more social setting where the question usually arises more organically, I certainly don't mind sharing that information. However I'm from the old school and there are just some things you do not say to ministers of the gospel (or in this case any woman). I count it an honor and a privilege to serve in ministry and serve God's people, but even I have my limits. So I politely responded, "old enough to not answer that question" and then smiled real pretty.

Many of my pastor/minister friends have very youthful appearances and whenever I hear someone saying that one of them is "young" I am always clear to bring correction and say "not young... youthful in appearance" because there is a difference. Now I guess since I'm rockin' the style of a 5th grader, I had better be as vigilant in asserting this claim for myself.