The Second Quarter

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how to move the needle forward in my life in a more significant way. It’s true that in the past year and a half I’ve enjoyed some success and experienced some high moments, but the truth is that I am nowhere close to being where and who I want to be. I still have so much work to do that at times it feels overwhelming.


One of the main things I have struggled with is being consistent in the things that do not necessarily yield immediate results. I call these things the seed-sowing activities. For me these are things like sermon prepping when I don’t have to preach, reading a book per week (which is my goal), visioning and developing  my ministry separate and apart from my church, and even establishing new connections outside of my usual ministry circles. There are also a multitude of other things concerning my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being that I tend to neglect when I get super busy.

I understand that what what doesn’t get measured does not get accomplished. As we move further into the second quarter of 2018, I’ve decided to set some short term goals for the next two months, develop strategies for daily consistent action, and chart my progress. It feels like a lot of work, but I promised myself that if I put in all this effort and I don’t see any results by the end of June then I won’t do it anymore. There’s no harm in trying. I’m hoping that by July some things in my life look a little different if not a lot different. 

What changes do you need to make or strategies do you need to implement to move your life forward?