Advent 2018: Creating a Life

This year for Advent I am taking a look back at some of my favorite posts and sharing them with you. This post, originally published in November of 2013, is a reminder that creating anything takes time, but we must see the process all the way through.


Once again it's that time, it will soon be the official start of the holiday season. This is about the time that I start setting goals and really giving some thought to what I want my life to be. Although I do this annually, I'll admit last year I got distracted by "shiny things" I thought would bring me fulfillment and as a result I misdirected much of my energy. In the process I learned some valuable lessons that I don't intend to repeat. Anywho... While I am focused on hearing from God, I've also become more intentional about making the last couple of months of the year meaningful. Each day I try to do something to create meaning for the day and to move myself closer to where I want to be tomorrow. Today I decided to tap into my creative power to make for myself something I need, but did not want to spend the money to buy~ a dress form. Not to long ago I became interested in sewing and a dress form will be quite helpful as I hone my skills.

As I was running around from store to store collecting what I needed to make it, I remembered how important it is to stick to a process and see it through to the end. I got frustrated trying to find what I needed, not having great success at first with what I had, and even returning to a store because I forgot something. In the end it was worth it because I had a "custom" dress form for a fraction of what they really cost, and more importantly I created it with my hands and my creativity. God reminded me that creating a life is no different. We get frustrated when what we have is not working, when what we want we can't seem to get, and when we have to return to hard lessons we thought we'd mastered. But in the end, if we are faithful and stick to the task, we could end up with something beautiful and one of a kind... just like my dress form.