Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


As you can see from my absence it has been an incredibly ridiculous and ridiculously incredible five months or so. After a year of planning, the Leadership Conference and the Leadership Summit Series final came and went. It was an incredible time and I am so thankful for what these events gave to me and my colleagues as well as added to me personally. 

Meanwhile back at the local church ranch, I also turned my attention to my administrative duties, namely meeting with each of the ministry heads to provide support, guidance, and help them assess the effectiveness of their ministry areas. This is no easy task because our people are hard-working servants. I am privileged to serve them.

Now that I preached my last sermon of 2017 on the morning of Christmas Eve, #HolidayHibernation is in full effect! I am going off the grid for three weeks, only allowing levels of engagement that bring me joy. Although I need a break, I have a greater purpose attached to this mini sabbatical. I want to engage in some vocational and relational discernment. I also want to define what reciprocity means for me and consider how I can have more of it in my relationships. I wish I could say I have a guiding process in mind to accomplish this, but I'm truly just being open to God and going with the flow.

My hope is to also include some reading and to make time for interests I usually determine are not important enough to take time away from my focus on ministry. A good portion of that time will involve an exciting travel opportunity that will take me further away from home than I have ever been! You will have to stay tuned for more details. 

For now, I am curled up in my pjs enjoying my downtime until it's time to head over to my niece's house for time with the family. I hope and pray your Christmas is merry and your holiday season is bright!